Liberty Park 3


The Delafield Arts Foundation is raising funds to build a stage inside Liberty Park.

Liberty Park is located in the Historic Downtown District of Delafield, and the advantages of developing a performance space in this location are:

  • A new, year-round venue for concerts, stage shows, weddings and other events
  • Proximity to popular entertainment, dining and shopping destinations in Lake Country
  • Adjacent to a natural, wooded setting along the Bark River in the city center and a green field park ready for further development
  • Proximity to the Ice Age Trail, Veteran’s Memorial Riverwalk and Lake Country Recreational Trail
  • Ample parking in the Dopkins Street municipal parking lot

To donate, please contact or call (262) 249-6822.


Join us at the Beer Garden!

Bringing an open-air concept to life at Liberty Park, our beer garden features space for festival-style seating, live entertainment, and a beautiful backdrop for social gatherings. It’s the perfect destination for an evening out, complete with local brews and vibrant community atmosphere.

Live Entertainment

Pull up a chair to experience the talents of individuals and groups alike. Featuring concerts, stage shows, and more, Liberty Park is home to performances that are sure to entertain all ages.


The Beer Garden has had a wide variety of genres grace its grounds, including:

– Celtics, classics, and covers –
– Jazz, rock, and pop –
– British and American folk instrumentals –
– Ragtime –
– Swing –
– Original compositions –

Perks of the Park

Open to the Public

Beautiful Location Along the Bark River

Ample Space for Gatherings and Play

Great for Outings with Family and Friends

Educational & Civic Opportunities

Get In Touch!

We look forward to partnering with you!


As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, every amount of support, volunteering, and donation we receive is a blessing. Those who contribute to the foundation will directly experience results, positivity, tax deductions, and a thriving arts and entertainment sector within the Delafield community.

P.O. Box 260, Delafield, WI 53018
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